One Wise Sound

One Wise Sound was started in Humboldt County in 2001 by Sarge, Ras Benji and Max Garrison. We do Wednesdays in Arcata, CA at Jambalaya Restaurant and have been doing that for about 3 years. We took the trophy in last year's Club Dread Clash. We're ready to Clash more and Win more. We pride our styles in selection, blends and remixes. You might wanna think twice bout trying to take on our Dub box-"its full to the brim"! Always room for more sound killing. Get your bars up!

Ras Benji

Max Garrison

Ras Azad

Styler Don

Im originally from the South Bay, San Jose, and have been in Humboldt County for 15+ years. I started DJing because I've been apart of the Hip Hop culture since I was a teen. In 2000 I needed a creative break from graffiti, bass guitar, and rhyming. I learned so much about roots and dancehall music in Humboldt I became, like many, addicted to the sound. I pride myself as a true musician and performer and you can tell by my mixing and selection. With todays technology NO DJ should be playing wack blends from one song to another. I take this very serious and this is why not many can touch One Wise Sound. I not only play Reggae music via the turntables I actually make the music. I've back a number of notable Reggae artists as a bass player for over 10 years-Shinehead, Ras Attitude, Army, Ishi Dube, etc.. Give thanks for life and music!