Flyer Distribution

Price List
 Event Type         Price Per Flyer*
 Standard Events & Festivals  10 cents
(100 flyers = $10)   
Events & Festivals Featuring Women Deejays & Performers 7.5 cents
(100 flyers = $7.50) 
*Price includes two (2) all-access guestlist spots for Reggae Gyals at your event.
Flyer distribution occurs at least 5 nights per week on average (weather permitting). 
Flyers must be received at least 7 days prior to the date of the event.
    1.    Working an average of 5 nights per week, we can distribute approximately 500 flyers in one week! Professionalism, positive attitude, and plenty of experience is what we have to offer!
    2.    When you order services, you will receive an email from with a link to a Google spreadsheet that is updated every few days (you must have a Gmail account).  This private spreadsheet file is only shared with you and anyone you expressly request.  It includes information about our progress on your project so far, estimates for total flyers distributed and total cost, and your account balance information.
    3.    This spreadsheet also has a link to our Master spreadsheet, so you can keep track of where we've been and where we plan to be for promotions.   
    4.    You will receive emails from us periodically throughout the progress of your project when we need more flyers or your balance gets low.  

First, confirm that your event satisfies our requirements.
Then contact Reggae Gyals using any of these methods to arrange for exchange of flyers, make a deposit, and to confirm guest list spots: 
        1.    Email, or
        2.    Send a Facebook message to ReggaeGyals BayArea, or
        3.    Call/text (707) 832-9976.
Work for your project and any credit will be applied to your account as soon as payment and flyers are received.  Payments may be made at any time prior to your event's date via PayPal, in cash, or by arrangement.  Your total balance is due no later than the day after your event.  Outstanding accounts will be subject to a weekly late fee(10% APR) until the full balance is paid.  
You only pay for flyers actually distributed, so any value on your account after your project has completed will be credited or refunded to you.

    Half of the profits we make from promotional services goes to fund our women's empowerment group and our annual International Women's Day event.  Thank you for choosing Reggae Gyals for your promotional needs and for supporting women in reggae!