Q:  What do you mean by "demeaning to women"?
A:  Whether an image demeans or degrades women has very little to do with how much of her body is covered; it has more to do with how she is posing and what the photographer intends the viewer's attention to be drawn to.
Ideally, an image would present a woman with power and purpose.  Acceptable images are neutral in this regard.  Unacceptable images are those which portray women as weak and submissive, or those in which a woman's body parts are more dominant than her face.

Q: Why?
A: Reggae Gyals is, first and foremost, a women's empowerment group; we will always be working to further our Mission.  
Events are attended by both men and women; however, they are not necessarily promoted to both men and women in the same way.  Flyers which feature degrading images of women communicate the message that women are only invited insofar as they welcome objectification.  
When a woman views a flyer of another woman, her brain connects with the image and she views herself from the perspective of the other woman.  If the image is degrading, she may dismiss it and not connect with the image at all (in which case, she's unlikely to attend), or even become offended by it (women aren't really like that!).  It is clear to her that the intended viewer of the image is a man, and not a woman -- implying she is not an intended invitee to the event.
When a man views a flyer of a woman, he considers her more as an object (not that they are objectifying her, but it is a natural reaction); the more provocative she seems, the more likely he is to read the flyer and attend the event.
The more degrading an image is, the more likely it is to simultaneously deter women who are perturbed by the objectifying nature of the image and attract men that are more prone to objectify and disrespect women; neither of which is helpful.
This discrepancy in how flyers are viewed differently by men and women is where the problem lies.  Our objective is to enlighten promoters and graphic designers that they may be inadvertently insulting a large portion of potential attendees by choosing the wrong image.  With a little forethought, this can be easily avoided.  Here's a great example of a flyer with an image of a woman presented with power and purpose, which is also provocative, sexy, and classy:

We have decided to use this standard as a form of empowerment for women by enticing promoters to consider the multitude of images portraying women with power and purpose that are also provocative, sexy, and classy.  We also want promoters to pay a little more attention to who their target audience is, and how they are affected.  Sexuality is not the issue; intent is.  Women's empowerment also includes sexual empowerment.
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Bless! :)

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